Saturday, 28 November 2009


needless to say that i hate eid and hate the social activities that comes with it. but looking at it from economical point of view it is the smartest system ever created for the smartest ideology in the world. the fact that it uses religion as a drive to ensure cash flow and money movement to sustain the market . to be honest very impressive! very very unique! the day before eid streets are packed with people who literally run towards good and clothes, towards food and drinks. face book is filled with the happy eid statuses and the tagged pictures that in this particular eid shows salutered sheep! why dose it have to be a sheep this cute white animal! no one knows but i suppose the Animal rights foundation has nothing to do except staying still and watching those cute creatures slaughtered! i wonder if the same things happened to dogs!

personally i love EID! amazing time to witness people's low IQ and their naiveness! and an amazing paid holiday!


  1. So first you hate eid (first line) and then you love EID? (last sentence) gotta choose one you know..

  2. yea i hate it and i was just being sarcastic at the end!i explained my reasons and am sorry to be a bit prejudice! i guess it is human nature! what about u?