Monday, 30 August 2010

And so on the count down begins..... and thing becoming freaky. Change is not always inviting in this case it needs many preparations and requires more work..


18 :waiting for the contract, waiting for visa, grandma is here, waiting for cards,going to hotel to finish reservations.
.17: Hotel checked, problem accrued need to look for a couch. design for the schedule for the vacation
16:hand flowers.. check white couch, check guest book, work for hussein !!

15... SOMEONE HITS MY CAR! as if i needed this now

14 cards are here.. they look amazing. the hardest point in any trip is the middle point. you either go forward or just quit!

13: got the gold from the gold guy looks good, got the posters, the flower bouquets is set.
wedding wish list set

12: Sometimes life just leads the way and change is the best thing a human being can do
fixed the cards and ready to be delivered,posters waiting to be hanged , a break! for the first time in a month we dine out!Pekin is really good

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Choke Review

One gay writer, 306 pages, 16 women mentioned, 8 sex scenes, more than 2000 rock gathered, full description for a sexahilic destabilized mind, a medicine student who has quite voluntarily for a better purpose, crazy old mum, sympathy towards dying mum, big surprise that someone is not who turned to be, a mysterious paradox at the end, murder, police chase, self indulgence, the importance of being part nf a bigger plan, self destruction and unrelated events that dosen not lead to one practically theme to end with a happily ever after cherry on the top story.

The book was recommended by someone who I respect greatly and found the need to understand his crazy obsession about the writer. Reviewing this book I can say it is everything a story can be merging all plots and unrelated dramatic events to serve the propose of cynical and extreme wittiness. Hatred and detachment of reality for the sake of wasting time and acknowledged persona to be taken as a hardcore matcho man. (yes angriness and hatred might be a little bit sexy and attractive but!!)

one month to go

Status, clothes, house, furniture, life, Passport, martial status even work place and title and at some extent career !
change is always inviting to other changes.. and whatever that stays constant in that loops will always be objectified and obtained as one extracted element that will always ache until it falls in the change cycle. Here i am after months and years of locating and relocating standing at the beginning of the road:not a crossroad because decisions have been made.Nothing is left now except to wait and welcome what ever is going to come with open arms. One more month to go.