Monday, 30 August 2010

And so on the count down begins..... and thing becoming freaky. Change is not always inviting in this case it needs many preparations and requires more work..


18 :waiting for the contract, waiting for visa, grandma is here, waiting for cards,going to hotel to finish reservations.
.17: Hotel checked, problem accrued need to look for a couch. design for the schedule for the vacation
16:hand flowers.. check white couch, check guest book, work for hussein !!

15... SOMEONE HITS MY CAR! as if i needed this now

14 cards are here.. they look amazing. the hardest point in any trip is the middle point. you either go forward or just quit!

13: got the gold from the gold guy looks good, got the posters, the flower bouquets is set.
wedding wish list set

12: Sometimes life just leads the way and change is the best thing a human being can do
fixed the cards and ready to be delivered,posters waiting to be hanged , a break! for the first time in a month we dine out!Pekin is really good

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