Wednesday, 28 April 2010


How is it hard to understand the concept of being, the concept of living and the concept of being alive, how to be instead of think to be! to end the life you are living for the sake of keeping sanity.

Monday, 26 April 2010

getting 25!

finally i hit 25! waw i never thought that i would be here.. 25 was a very long destination point that i never thought it would be reached. i thought i will feel older, smarter and maybe a bit hotter that i am a lady and i will wear makeup and high heels! 2 days ago i hit 25 and i still feel like am 15 ! i wear no makeup , still love my low heel and tennis shoe..
i got
2 scarfs
a braclet
sexy PJ
Tea box and a surprise red box inside
cute tshirt
swimming bag and flip flop
Urban book
sugar pot
and adorable earings and necklace:)and a cake with my name on it:)
:) i think i will love being 25:)

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Reading ....... Brave new world ( trying to finish the trilogy of dystopia)
Loving .....still loving HIM
preparing..... the House, the night, the crazy date
projects...... Project Lorie, Project life IS back...
Hating.... my work my and looking for a job
my mum is here it is good to go home and find a family waiting for u:)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

logo design

Kids logo for Amman Institute. characters previously designed be Daby Ihsan

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


1984 by George Orwell

ABOLISH, LOVE,SEX, ART, SCIENCE,FAMILY,HUMAN RELATIONS! And you will end up with a pack of zombie's! Oh good zombies ! the ones who will work for you undlessly!


One of the most influential classic books of all times, 1984 published in 1949 . George Orwell has created his own dystopia based on his political views and his own way of seeing the future. His imaginative world in a country called Oceania which is ruled by a collective oligarchic regime. The party after the revolution has managed to take the rules of totalitarianism into a new depth where everyone is being subjected to a 24 hour surveillance at that point even thoughts were censored and controlled.

Winston smith, an ordinary man who works in the department of truth changing facts and rewriting history as the party pleased, old and ill, believes that there is another way. At one point he meets a young lady named Julia and they start a love affair that they had to hide it away from the thought police.

Of course the story is not about the love affair, from the beginning of the book Orwell establish a bond between the reader and his main character. We sense his feelings and see the new bizarre structure of the society of Oceania through his eyes. His story continues and his relation to Julia gives his personality the power to evolve until it reaches it's climax with his encounter with O'brian who sets a drifting point in the story.

Pushing the envelope, the story reveals little by little the new aspects of the world they live in, Telescreen and hidden microphones, scarce food, abolishing art and science and abandoning all kinds of any human love or affection. Situated in London, the writers home proves that even this country is not immune to such regime. The dark society that the writers describe is closer to our everyday society and predicts a new way of suppression. By controlling the goods and the keeping the surplus value at one level they outer party manage to control the population to produce more and more. The new production

The story is a direct attack on the future of the so called socialist regime and the nig brother resemble Stalin (even in the appearance). Where rules and constructions were put to serve the good and benefit of the higher elite 1% . changing people's way of thinking converting them into walking salves!