Monday, 18 August 2008

law of attraction

It's a wired world that we live in, governed by mystical and indefinable mere rules. A rule that is so complicated and spiritual that the human mind hasn't yet discovered ways to analyze it yet; rather humans refer to it as sexual attraction, admiration, mutual benefits, friendship and sometimes false love that is based on such feelings. Yet, again love shall be false under this category as it is a form of all those symptoms that lead to a form of a bonding contract that we call marriage.

In its mere essence and to look at it in an abstract form, attraction is a free bond, free explanation tool that left your feet up from the earth line regular people are accustomed to into another earth line that gets higher with each step you take. Off course because this attraction itself is not understood so the limited brain doesn't stimulate the feeling of danger that the earth line is moved form its base.

Off course since the brain is not stimulated the other organs are not working properly as they are supposed to. For example, eyes stop seeing colors and the levels of contrast is reduced. White spirits will call them and refer to the brain as they are, the body would stop functioning as a unit rather it prefers to melt and be regained again. Souls meet and reconnect in different shapes and materials, laughter and smiles mixed up together, heart beats and rollers of a car can't be distinguished, the heat of the air entering the car is mixed with the radiation coming out of the skin, silent unspoken words are flying out the window of the moving car never to be distinguished from the sentences that we made as a disguise for this feeling of attraction. Yet it stays there a normal untold and unspoken attraction a law that we as humans fall under and try to analyze and decrepit its code.