Monday, 27 July 2009

chapter ends

Here where we depart my friend. Today at this moment we take different paths two that will never come across again and will never be joined. Here now where we stand is the end. Where everything has began has ended at the same place. Memories will be erased and feelings will fade away. They would simply be put away for good and considered as a fairy tale to be told the tape will be re-winded three years . ( at least for me)
Am not really sure how would i respond to such a situation cause having you around for three years made me accustomed to running to you for advice, or simply to talk. Whatever your position was i always found strength in you and happiness in everything u gave me. I know that my heart is so empty right now and so bare , feeling that the chapter has ended and that you have gone on your own way leaving me at the side way facing the opposite direction not being able to look back and not being able to walk ahead.
But here where we depart my friend, my mentor, my guide and my lover. My strength my helper and my back. I wish you would tremble, fall or look back, i wish u would come back even to touch me or to walk beside me but deep down i wish the best for u in life, wish u happiness and joy, wish u peace of mind and heart wish that u would be given love and passion .
I leave you now in search for you AIN love and from this moment i set u free. So those are my last words.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Alison Krauss - You Will Be My Ain True Love Lyrics

You'll walk unscathed through musket fire
No ploughman's blade will cut thee down
No cutlass pull will mark thy face
And you will be my ain true love
And you will be my ain true loveAnd as you walk through death's dark vale
The cannon's thunder can't prevail
And those who hunt thee down will fail
And you will be my ain true love
And you will be my ain true love
Asleep inside the cannon's mouth,
The captain cries, "Here comes the rout,"They'll seek to find me north and south
I've gone to find my ain true love.
The field is cut and bleeds too red,
The cannon balls fly round my head,The infirmary man may count me dead,
When I've gone to find my ain true love

Monday, 20 July 2009


day 1-----
two years =360*2
process complete........

i have rewinded my life 2 years back

One things that people learn from life is that they always go back to the point zero, passers pass by you every day and contemplate on your screen showing their faces and affecting your daily dosage of interest, but even if after years there is always a breaking ground for point zero. A breaking ground that sets you off to another race and another mingle.
A balloon rise so high to convert into a halogenic fixture, a fixture that can be used to posses people souls and melodies. A nice contextualization of a space might be an adequate for an architect but it is always a plus to have a non architect to understand the behavioural meaning of the space unconsciously. The space lies inside you like a small tiny flame that plays musical instrumental doodles in your head a break through glass i suppose , but if the glass was in my heart would it be ok if i smashed it down and see it shatter all across the room. Like a smoke of a cigarette wandering in the air held on the halogenic fixture. Maybe this halogen would be used to sustain a trendy tremendous musical instrument. A triangle drawn on the button and it keeps on whispering to be pressed like a gigantic sexual trend my fingers roll on the button and mingle it, orgasmicly twitching it with the tips of my fingers , like a wild animal i stare at it preparing myself for the treat that am offered.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


i thought i would write somehting but my head was so blank! i think that i have put on bleach on my head when i showered this morning i have to remember to buy one for coloured hair next time i go shopping!