Monday, 15 February 2010



Hating or loving this day is a relative matter. dependent on having a significant other or not. it can be the best day of your life .. filled with gifts .. chocolate.. flowers teddy bears and all sort of cute cuddly expensive stuff or you can spend your time crying and calling your friends to ease it up on you. it is a phenomena stronger than christmas or birthday it is the day that every single person celebrates, even if he was single. Couples celebrate it because it is a date to show their love and remember why did they fall in love while singles remember that they are lonely creatures and that they are growing older and they should defeat this hard time by celebrating with their friends and closest family though valentine is exclusively for your other half!
From another point of view, it can a very good economy booster. Yesterday in Amman alone around 1 milion Jd was spent on gifts and flowers, let alone the expensive ( insanely expensive) restaurants. I belive more money was spent yesterday than the money that was spent in Christmas and Eid combined. Happiness to be fallen on singles, couples and business people.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Again another black out caused this time by an evil force.... and when i say evil .. OHHHH believe me it is evil and dangerous on the human kind. this evil force comes in the form of a blond fat ugly 40 year old bitch who mistakenly was given some power and decided to pour her sexual deprived on us... well, am glad that this crazy black out is gone though that the cause is not but humans know to compromise and maneuver their ways to sustain their existence.
here i announce by know that this stupid black out is over.