Friday, 28 September 2007

traped in Amman.

today i realized that Amman is the wierdest city on earth........ a match box of different and strange people ...... you can never leave yet you cant stay...... you are trapped.... that is realy weired... if you won't be able to fit .. well ,am sorry but there is no other choice you must... you got no other choice..

i decided to change my life again

Dated in 2005 and 2006…. Woooo two years has passed.. two years might actually change you… not really but it might change some minor things in you… something that would be undesired and unwanted some things that we hate .. or simply others hate.. looking back at some pictures that are dated in 2005 I realized that have even changed my own skin.. two different people that don’t belong to each other. Two different souls that in the real would have never met…in the picture two people who are hugging me and we seem really happy.. hmm I wonder…. two people that right now I would not call friends… that was so weird …it is so hard to believe that my best friend and my sister will vanish from my life and all that happened in only one year.. it is like being able to build a whole building out of scratch… after removing the older version its is so hard to believe..… and the hardest of all realizing how easy it would be.. more easy that what our limited small imaginations has given us.. a whole package I changed…a totally different person I ought to be.. new life.. new friends and new freaking environment… to be honest am sitting in a place that I never even dreamt of having that is so beyond of my capability of dreaming… strange strength that comes out of me.. a heart that once was beating now had turned into a stone.. like having no feelings at all.. only running and jumping towards my ultimate skyscraper.. building that high thrown for my self on the last floor.. and looking at people.. we were joking about me and him being Mr. and Mrs. gods. If only he knew how real was that. I am really the goddess of my universe and in my universe every one is my servant. My old friends that once were my soul mates that Ii never imagined I will live without.. .. now on the honor of my new thrown and on the name of my new kingdom I decide to celebrate .. celebrate that new and mean and sick psycho me… I celebrate the new implanted stone/heart I bought myself. I went to the flee market and I decided to indulge my self by buying a new skin to suite with the new stone/heart…. To suite the new goddess..

Friday, 21 September 2007

The process of creation

The process of creation starts with a thought , an idea, conception and realization. Everything you see was someone’s idea. nothing really exist in the world that didn’t exist as a pure thought
Thought is the fist level of creation..
Everything you say is a thought expressed..
A thought evolves and becomes a word.. words are more powerful and they have a bigger impact on the exterior world.. they are the second level of creation..
Actions are words put into practice, it is
the meaning of the word …. Moving words…
Words are thoughts expressed … thoughts are ideas formed .. idea are the energy that came together.. the energy is a released force.. forces are elements.. existence elements that are particles of god…..

new me

am not afraid anymore and am not going to hide .......