Monday, 31 August 2009

Sunday, 30 August 2009

START workshop-Baqaa

What can you give to sustain a normal life? will an art lesson be enough !

START workshop


Ramadan Ritual

WOHOOO! Ramadan is here, let's start listing the daily schedule, first wake up grouchy, don't brush your teeth and don't wash your face ! it is haram to touch water. You are fasting to feel the misery of poor people. of course getting into the car with eyes half open, trying hard not to fight with the car drivers next to you but what the hell it is Ramadan am allowed to be mad and angry I haven't had coffee and I haven't had my breakfast cigarette. getting to the office still grouchy- lack of nicotine and lack of caffeine. Two thumbs up for Brazil! I dunno what we have done without the major coffee bean exporter. After 8 hours of constant snoring you go to the car again to continue the sleeping session in your warm bed, tiered and sick deprived from water and food.

I bet people never paid attention to the prayer times and never even witnessed the sunset except in this month! This second represents the starting of the eating race. READY –STEADY-GO! The race begins, lets reserve seats and fill the plate with food and wait till the prayer time.. wohoo finally all the Jordanian population eat at the same time. Is not that wonderful! They can never agree on he color of their logo or chosen their ministers! But ofcourse regarding something that important everyone will !

So after iftar(literally breakfast, everyone spends time in looking for open cafes to play cards, watch BAB ALHARRA and have argeleh and hubble bubble! horaaaa ( screaming out my lungs , jumping and holding my feet in the air and my hands up high) Ramadan is here lets have fun and socialize! A and have an excuse to be mean to people!

Saturday, 29 August 2009


WAW! it is that simple!

Impressionism – painting outside of a studio with quick, loose brushstrokes to capture an evocative impression of their subject. Van Gogh was an Impressionist but wanted to express how he felt about what he saw so he distorted the subject. This helped to lead to Expressionism practised by artists from Edvard Munch through to Francis Bacon. The Fauves (wild beasts) expressed themselves by painting with bright colours. Jackson Pollock did it by throwing or dripping paint on a canvas. His paintings were abstract — Abstract Expressionism.

Cezanne was very important. He began as an Impressionist but then started to look at a subject from two different perspectives to represent how we see. Picasso and his friend Georges Braque were very impressed and started to paint subjects from lots of different views. This is Cubism. Marcel Duchamp was a Cubist but then changed art for ever. He said the idea is more important than the medium and refused to stick with the limited choice of canvas or stone. So he chose everyday objects and called them art because he had altered their context. This led to Conceptual Art where the idea becomes the medium.

The Dadaists were very cross. They blamed the horrors of the First World War on the Establishment’s reliance on rational and reasoned thought. They radically opposed rational thought and became nihilistic — the punk rock of modern art movements. Dada plus Sigmund Freud equals Surrealism. The Surrealists were fascinated by the unconscious mind, as that’s where they thought truth resided. Piet Mondrian thought he could paint everything he knew, felt and saw by using two lines placed at rectangles and three primary colours. This was called Neo-Plasticism and was inspired by Cubism. So was Futurism, which is Cubism with motion added. Vorticism is the same as Futurism, but British. The Minimalists might represent the real truth because they weren’t trying to represent anything. Performance Art is Dada live.

That’s from Will Gompertz in the Times. (via sippey) (via Kottke)

Friday, 28 August 2009

Review -The Lives of the Others

2006-German drama, 19 international Award, Golden Globe and an Academy Award for the best foreign movie! reviews from the guardian stated that this is the best movie ever made and it was listed number 2 on the best movies in 2006! the remarkable reviews states that is a very good movie and should be watched by everyone, that is one way of looking at it but talking about it artistically:the movie is fragmented, pictures and images lack the beauty of a picture and the slow pace of the events keeps you wondering and waiting for the message that will be revealed at the end. due to the low budget the soundtracks of the movie is originally made for a different movie and even the poem written by Dreyman is originally written by Brecht!
the story dosent depict the evolution of the charachetres and dosent convey a clar image of their background or gives a sense of attachment hence it is not convincing enough and leaves a huge gap between the viewer and the actor.
THE POSTER! i dont actually realise the sexual images! i guess they were important to convenes and play with the emotions of the viewers!

Ideologically speaking, PROPAGANDA! a broad day light propaganda. allow me to stress a scene here,Wiesler enters to the detectives office, yet the officer mentions the closure f the church and the death of the priest! and he stresses on this again in the next scene! is actually Communism associated with the church! or it is just a way to bring up false images and weak argument to a generation that has been brought up on consumer ship! the deprivation of artists in Germany! that is really weired but did not best artist in the world have evolute in the Communism era!
do they have the right to write anything they want ! maybe we can ask nawal sadawi! she would be able to answer about writers freedom or we can ask Haddadin about his blog! ok lets go to the factual faults! were artists are deprived their right! were they able to twist someone ideology and ps: did not watchmen had other watchmen to watch them! well playing with the facts gave this movie an academy and a golden globe! after of course being called a true story is cold war really over! capitalism is eating itself and had nothing but Hollywood to save it.
am not writing as a Communist or as a marxist , i was raised in a communist house and i know how to distinguish propaganda but what the rest of the world are they free to censor the brain wash!
thanx Hollywood!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Catatonia exhibition

An exhibition at Makan
26th of August 26, 2009

Here we witnessed the work of two weeks, the long nights of brainstorming and the all the nights spent till 3 am in Makan. The white drastic walls were changed into a form of architectural, urban design artistic platform. For the past week, 2 artist, 2 graphic designers 2 industrial designers and 4 architects have gathered to design a CAT-city, yes a city for cats, by researching the new clients needs and its charterers they have founded the first urban planned CAT-city. The drawings on the wall showed the clear manifesto for this development, and when walking further in the rooms of Makan , the new development constitution is revealed on the echoes of cat’s mewas musical essence and RED LIGHTS! ( guys what were you thinking! Sorry daraghmeh house! ) well, Paris circle became the hub downtown for this city, pipes were beautifully drawn, embedded as fixtures of stacked to the walls as a medium of cat circulation.Daraghmeh house was regenerated as a red light district for Cats, as one of the artists has said, ( cats are not afraid of their sexuality , they are much more advanced than humans ought to understand) . The type of deep analysis for the needs offered a mature thinking methodology for the overall design.
In the main room, drawn pillars showed the four needs of cats: food, security, shelter and Sex,viewing a clear statement for the fundamentality of those needs as a PILLAR for the new generated plan, well as they have called the ( مخطط كاتاتونيا الشمولي I hope Gerry wont be mad!

While entering the inner room a surprise of the multidisciplinary acts reveal itself, while looking at the walls, the perspective sketches by dina and rula explained the intended pipe network and the so called Pip-ology, The Cats-eyes and the cat-mobile are good products and examples of what can be done once the process of the inviting is reinvented.

It sad that this exhibition will last for two days only as it is an amazing example of theory intertwined with art, though the group has promised to keep working and publish the research as a INT-publication.
pictures courtesy of HAdi -Interruptions.ning

Friday, 21 August 2009

Happy Ramadan Every one

17th of August this year Slash has written a post naturally expressing his opinion towards Ramadan the holy month of Islam. in less than a minute a comment on the post , well naturally people would understand the post and comment on the over all idea. well at least i thought So!!! instead the comment was on one sentence that provided an example of how life changes in Ramadan including eating, Smoking , Drinking and kissing.PS( it is allowed after sunset)Anyway the point is that the comment stressed on this example leaving the whole idea of people having to obey rules of a religion that they dont believe in ! or they will be JAILED! waw what a democratic country! Anyway this is not the point though telling this to my foreigner friends would make them laugh! After a week a set of comments all about the same subject! SEX! they were attacking the one sentence and one example! WAW! they ignored my comment about Stalin and about 21st century democracy and they preferred to curse in the name of religion! i did not quite understand what kind of religion is this that the followers have to feel offended by a post! Aw a post about freedom of religion! i dont understand the curses and the offensive comments! did not they read the whole post or it is the sexual drive! is it because sex is HARAM ( banned) in Islam that people find it a Taboo and the only way to talk about it is to attack it. i wonder if they get orgasm while doing so !
well, the point is.... tananananana ( the sound of drums beating really as a gesture of announcing a long awaited annoucment, the sound of a clearing throat, 1,2,3, test oh i can begin now )
ladies and gentle man has proven lately that religion Inversely proportional to your IQ, this might be related to being sexually deprived!ammm well ,at least sex is the only subject religious people are experts in attacking sex,leaving human right, women right, children's right, science, freedom, and innovations. allow me to put it in Arabic
( In da5alat aldiana men alnafetha tar al3aklo men alshobak) ! to translate that you can log on and then google translate.
cheers and happy Ramadan.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

the diving bell and the butterfly

collage by me
An introduction to the weakness and fragility humans, locked in his own body and trapped by the diving bell , Julian Schnabel reveals the spatial experience of the awaking of conscious and unconscious of having a blink as the only medium of expression .On artistic level the movie gives you shiver when you watch it for more than one time. The clear and blurry picture, the space definition by placing the camera on the blinking eye, introduces a flaw of emotion that relates the viewer t o the moving picture. The moment of silence with the faded footage of the sinking bell is mesmerizing and forms a contradiction to the butter flies footage with the vivid colors and the soft spoken narration like setting a gap between an existing situation and substitute reality that Bauby has created in his mind as a mean of escape. The layering of the hand held camera and the imperfection of the image is what makes it a moving piece of art and provide a personal relation to the events , while each pause can form a classical or abstracted painting.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

world economic cinamatography

Relation to Zombie movies.
I found this online and it shows the relation to world events and the zombie movie making industry. Well, is it the global world events and the decline in humanity that affected media or the media is affecting our day to day life and allowing us to comprehend and digest our lack of humanity and understanding of the world. The thin line between real and fiction is now fading away and even science fiction stories are becoming headlines on the 8 pm news report , while the majority of cultured media brain washed societies are accepting it as a prove of ascending civilization.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

me VS the train

The train comes every 2 minutes .. you can hear the echo of the hum through the empty dark tunnel. It the noise is so loud that covers all the other surrounding sounds . At that moment every day I got detached from my body and attached to a different reality and I could hear the voices in my head clearly and vividly whispering and muttering. Hurt and echoed trying to get out to the surface , they cry so loud until the train approaches and the sound of the moving engine and the rolling wheels are strongly heard. I wonder if the people around me can hear the voices in my head talking , I wonder if they understand their muttering , would they excuse me if they do. The train is approaching and the voices are clearer now, what would happen if this time I did it and I was not afraid, what would happen this time if I flew and divided into two, I want to see my body fly and slam through the train , will it hurt , will I vapor like dust, will I bleed or will the train smash me into pieces and smudge me on the walls as a piece of meat . That idea sexually arose me like getting high or being drunk, tingling in my body , would I vacuum my pieces with a vacuum machine and give it to the butcher as a gift . would I be able to feel my hand goes off and fly away. Will people catch it and kiss it the way they used to kiss it when it was attached to me. Will they scream, run away or will they understand that am following the call . Will they understand that I have to follow their orders I need to satisfy the beast in my head, I need to feed it to stay , I need them.
My body is paralyzed while the voices keep on weeping, the train comes in and I can’t see it …seeing it would drive me to reach my climax and leave me hanging there paralyzed waiting to be taken, my body is frozen but I can feel and see the blood running through my vain, I can feel my blood running through my five toe s congesting in one point running through my both legs to reach my thighs to reach my waist dances to my heart…(totom.. the sound of a beat coming from a machine ) one heart beat and one breath pushes it further….. it runs faster now divided to three parts my arms, hands, my fingers, the tips of my fingers, to my nails I feel that beat in my fingers, I breath .. another silent deep breath and I deliberately close my eyes, the train now is stopping in front of me I can’t see it I can only feel the air drifting on my face. I open my eyes, the voices seem so distant now that the stupid train driver opens the door and my feet push me in . Now I wait for the next time I wait for the train. Will i ever the courage to do it.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

crazy women

Once upon a time… along long long time ago colors were made of earth pigments and artists used to put them on canvas and create amazing paintings of women mostly of females, nudes, god and lovers. In the 20th century women have drastically changed their lives they have became more involved in the world politics and decided to become the canvas! They have decided to put the colors on their faces instead. Suddenly a new illness emerges called (MAKUP) .
the symptoms for this sickness are as follows.
1. Sever redness of the women’s check, lips and nose, after a while blackness and rainbow colors on the eye. A black line shows up to define the roundness of the eye.
2. Some females might suffer mind loss which leads them to excessive money spending.
3. All the cases showed more self confidence and higher self esteem rates some of them even became politicians and had major influence on the world history.

Well, you got the point and this is a world wide fact maybe due to the globalized image that capitalism has produced on the shape of Vauge or Cosmopolitan magazines .
Now they have special salons for putting make up and it became an art ! an extremely expensive art !
Here is the calculation:
The cost of buying make up product is around 30 to 40$ according to the brand.
But the cost of putting it in a salon is also around 40 $ average.
1 time per week = 40 $
Per month = 160$
Per year = 1920$
Women start putting make up at the age of 20 ( assuming of course)
So that gives them 50 years of makeup =96000
! I wonder what paintings you can buy with that money!