Sunday, 30 August 2009

Ramadan Ritual

WOHOOO! Ramadan is here, let's start listing the daily schedule, first wake up grouchy, don't brush your teeth and don't wash your face ! it is haram to touch water. You are fasting to feel the misery of poor people. of course getting into the car with eyes half open, trying hard not to fight with the car drivers next to you but what the hell it is Ramadan am allowed to be mad and angry I haven't had coffee and I haven't had my breakfast cigarette. getting to the office still grouchy- lack of nicotine and lack of caffeine. Two thumbs up for Brazil! I dunno what we have done without the major coffee bean exporter. After 8 hours of constant snoring you go to the car again to continue the sleeping session in your warm bed, tiered and sick deprived from water and food.

I bet people never paid attention to the prayer times and never even witnessed the sunset except in this month! This second represents the starting of the eating race. READY –STEADY-GO! The race begins, lets reserve seats and fill the plate with food and wait till the prayer time.. wohoo finally all the Jordanian population eat at the same time. Is not that wonderful! They can never agree on he color of their logo or chosen their ministers! But ofcourse regarding something that important everyone will !

So after iftar(literally breakfast, everyone spends time in looking for open cafes to play cards, watch BAB ALHARRA and have argeleh and hubble bubble! horaaaa ( screaming out my lungs , jumping and holding my feet in the air and my hands up high) Ramadan is here lets have fun and socialize! A and have an excuse to be mean to people!

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  1. i like how you're posting everyday now, and apparently not having a good day today lol

    well, i'm surprised you cared enough to post about it :P