Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Catatonia exhibition

An exhibition at Makan
26th of August 26, 2009

Here we witnessed the work of two weeks, the long nights of brainstorming and the all the nights spent till 3 am in Makan. The white drastic walls were changed into a form of architectural, urban design artistic platform. For the past week, 2 artist, 2 graphic designers 2 industrial designers and 4 architects have gathered to design a CAT-city, yes a city for cats, by researching the new clients needs and its charterers they have founded the first urban planned CAT-city. The drawings on the wall showed the clear manifesto for this development, and when walking further in the rooms of Makan , the new development constitution is revealed on the echoes of cat’s mewas musical essence and RED LIGHTS! ( guys what were you thinking! Sorry daraghmeh house! ) well, Paris circle became the hub downtown for this city, pipes were beautifully drawn, embedded as fixtures of stacked to the walls as a medium of cat circulation.Daraghmeh house was regenerated as a red light district for Cats, as one of the artists has said, ( cats are not afraid of their sexuality , they are much more advanced than humans ought to understand) . The type of deep analysis for the needs offered a mature thinking methodology for the overall design.
In the main room, drawn pillars showed the four needs of cats: food, security, shelter and Sex,viewing a clear statement for the fundamentality of those needs as a PILLAR for the new generated plan, well as they have called the ( مخطط كاتاتونيا الشمولي I hope Gerry wont be mad!

While entering the inner room a surprise of the multidisciplinary acts reveal itself, while looking at the walls, the perspective sketches by dina and rula explained the intended pipe network and the so called Pip-ology, The Cats-eyes and the cat-mobile are good products and examples of what can be done once the process of the inviting is reinvented.

It sad that this exhibition will last for two days only as it is an amazing example of theory intertwined with art, though the group has promised to keep working and publish the research as a INT-publication.
pictures courtesy of HAdi -Interruptions.ning

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