Wednesday, 19 August 2009

the diving bell and the butterfly

collage by me
An introduction to the weakness and fragility humans, locked in his own body and trapped by the diving bell , Julian Schnabel reveals the spatial experience of the awaking of conscious and unconscious of having a blink as the only medium of expression .On artistic level the movie gives you shiver when you watch it for more than one time. The clear and blurry picture, the space definition by placing the camera on the blinking eye, introduces a flaw of emotion that relates the viewer t o the moving picture. The moment of silence with the faded footage of the sinking bell is mesmerizing and forms a contradiction to the butter flies footage with the vivid colors and the soft spoken narration like setting a gap between an existing situation and substitute reality that Bauby has created in his mind as a mean of escape. The layering of the hand held camera and the imperfection of the image is what makes it a moving piece of art and provide a personal relation to the events , while each pause can form a classical or abstracted painting.

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