Tuesday, 11 August 2009

crazy women

Once upon a time… along long long time ago colors were made of earth pigments and artists used to put them on canvas and create amazing paintings of women mostly of females, nudes, god and lovers. In the 20th century women have drastically changed their lives they have became more involved in the world politics and decided to become the canvas! They have decided to put the colors on their faces instead. Suddenly a new illness emerges called (MAKUP) .
the symptoms for this sickness are as follows.
1. Sever redness of the women’s check, lips and nose, after a while blackness and rainbow colors on the eye. A black line shows up to define the roundness of the eye.
2. Some females might suffer mind loss which leads them to excessive money spending.
3. All the cases showed more self confidence and higher self esteem rates some of them even became politicians and had major influence on the world history.

Well, you got the point and this is a world wide fact maybe due to the globalized image that capitalism has produced on the shape of Vauge or Cosmopolitan magazines .
Now they have special salons for putting make up and it became an art ! an extremely expensive art !
Here is the calculation:
The cost of buying make up product is around 30 to 40$ according to the brand.
But the cost of putting it in a salon is also around 40 $ average.
1 time per week = 40 $
Per month = 160$
Per year = 1920$
Women start putting make up at the age of 20 ( assuming of course)
So that gives them 50 years of makeup =96000
! I wonder what paintings you can buy with that money!


  1. I'm not big on makeup on women either. I've actually weened my lady off the stuff a little. But it's an ingrained, habitual ritual like brushing for a lot of women; and I'm not going to call her crazy if they need a little harmless fix, ya know?

  2. :) it wont be harmless if it was a little! but some girls go crazy over that like this is ultimate need to survive!
    thanx for sharing , not all men would agree with that !