Friday, 21 August 2009

Happy Ramadan Every one

17th of August this year Slash has written a post naturally expressing his opinion towards Ramadan the holy month of Islam. in less than a minute a comment on the post , well naturally people would understand the post and comment on the over all idea. well at least i thought So!!! instead the comment was on one sentence that provided an example of how life changes in Ramadan including eating, Smoking , Drinking and kissing.PS( it is allowed after sunset)Anyway the point is that the comment stressed on this example leaving the whole idea of people having to obey rules of a religion that they dont believe in ! or they will be JAILED! waw what a democratic country! Anyway this is not the point though telling this to my foreigner friends would make them laugh! After a week a set of comments all about the same subject! SEX! they were attacking the one sentence and one example! WAW! they ignored my comment about Stalin and about 21st century democracy and they preferred to curse in the name of religion! i did not quite understand what kind of religion is this that the followers have to feel offended by a post! Aw a post about freedom of religion! i dont understand the curses and the offensive comments! did not they read the whole post or it is the sexual drive! is it because sex is HARAM ( banned) in Islam that people find it a Taboo and the only way to talk about it is to attack it. i wonder if they get orgasm while doing so !
well, the point is.... tananananana ( the sound of drums beating really as a gesture of announcing a long awaited annoucment, the sound of a clearing throat, 1,2,3, test oh i can begin now )
ladies and gentle man has proven lately that religion Inversely proportional to your IQ, this might be related to being sexually deprived!ammm well ,at least sex is the only subject religious people are experts in attacking sex,leaving human right, women right, children's right, science, freedom, and innovations. allow me to put it in Arabic
( In da5alat aldiana men alnafetha tar al3aklo men alshobak) ! to translate that you can log on and then google translate.
cheers and happy Ramadan.

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