Friday, 28 August 2009

Review -The Lives of the Others

2006-German drama, 19 international Award, Golden Globe and an Academy Award for the best foreign movie! reviews from the guardian stated that this is the best movie ever made and it was listed number 2 on the best movies in 2006! the remarkable reviews states that is a very good movie and should be watched by everyone, that is one way of looking at it but talking about it artistically:the movie is fragmented, pictures and images lack the beauty of a picture and the slow pace of the events keeps you wondering and waiting for the message that will be revealed at the end. due to the low budget the soundtracks of the movie is originally made for a different movie and even the poem written by Dreyman is originally written by Brecht!
the story dosent depict the evolution of the charachetres and dosent convey a clar image of their background or gives a sense of attachment hence it is not convincing enough and leaves a huge gap between the viewer and the actor.
THE POSTER! i dont actually realise the sexual images! i guess they were important to convenes and play with the emotions of the viewers!

Ideologically speaking, PROPAGANDA! a broad day light propaganda. allow me to stress a scene here,Wiesler enters to the detectives office, yet the officer mentions the closure f the church and the death of the priest! and he stresses on this again in the next scene! is actually Communism associated with the church! or it is just a way to bring up false images and weak argument to a generation that has been brought up on consumer ship! the deprivation of artists in Germany! that is really weired but did not best artist in the world have evolute in the Communism era!
do they have the right to write anything they want ! maybe we can ask nawal sadawi! she would be able to answer about writers freedom or we can ask Haddadin about his blog! ok lets go to the factual faults! were artists are deprived their right! were they able to twist someone ideology and ps: did not watchmen had other watchmen to watch them! well playing with the facts gave this movie an academy and a golden globe! after of course being called a true story is cold war really over! capitalism is eating itself and had nothing but Hollywood to save it.
am not writing as a Communist or as a marxist , i was raised in a communist house and i know how to distinguish propaganda but what the rest of the world are they free to censor the brain wash!
thanx Hollywood!

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