Monday, 26 April 2010

getting 25!

finally i hit 25! waw i never thought that i would be here.. 25 was a very long destination point that i never thought it would be reached. i thought i will feel older, smarter and maybe a bit hotter that i am a lady and i will wear makeup and high heels! 2 days ago i hit 25 and i still feel like am 15 ! i wear no makeup , still love my low heel and tennis shoe..
i got
2 scarfs
a braclet
sexy PJ
Tea box and a surprise red box inside
cute tshirt
swimming bag and flip flop
Urban book
sugar pot
and adorable earings and necklace:)and a cake with my name on it:)
:) i think i will love being 25:)

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Dash :) i have no idea how you're excited about 21 feels old and i wana pause it somehow lol. yala hope it does not fail you and brings all amazing things your way :D *sends e-flowers* lol