Monday, 2 November 2009

i left my soul there

A city I barely know, a city I barely lived in, though I claim it to be mine and claim to own its wind, snow, rivers and bridges. I claim to understand its people, its routine and its everyday life. Here I am walking like an alien in its streets, following the curves of the Neva River on my touristic map. I walk counting the tiles on the floors, the falling autumn leaves on the fresh green grass, the lighten windows on the classical facades.

I walk like an alien in the city that brought peace to my heart, in the city that it completely owned by me the same city that witnessed my birth. I left my soul there to be the impress of the palace and the owner of the houses, the blessed goddess that protects the rivers and the boats, the protector of the winter and the summer palace, the savior of the white legged trees of the continues forests. I mixed with the blood of Alexander and spilled on the Blood of the Savior Cathedral and mingled it with the water of the river and the rain. I am the power that opens the bridges at night to draw beautiful drawings against the black sky.

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