Monday, 9 November 2009

Vandalism in Jabal Al-Joufe

8th of November is now marking a new date that will be joined and linked to the events of the rebellion and vandalism in Ma'an and the renowned fights in the JU university over one Caucasian girl . Where on the opposite side big billboard advertisements stand in the face of the citizens promising with a more modern and a brighter future, the situation in Jabal Al joufe (eastern Amman) promises otherwise. The death of one young man who descends to one famous tribe leads to destroying public and private properties ; ironically including a public hospital that offers free of charge treatment.

One might relate those actions to the escalating economical situation of the country or the rage against the corrupt government but such action that came as consequence of the death of their son in the hospital after being admitted couple of weeks as result of a street fight. The tribe gave itself the right to form its own constitution and ask for the person responsible for his death of course asking for their revenge. Revenge in Jordan has always formed itself as a base in the tribal constitution. Usually the result of such action is either the death of the killer or a huge amount of money that would be agreed upon by the two parts of the family.

this year we are celebrating Amman's 100 birthday , we are making bigger cities and taller buildings, we are providing more services and we have better education and more jobs but on the other side we are turning into more savage people and our points are becoming narrower and narrower. we higher expensive people to plan streets and buildings that we destroy when we get mad about and seek revenge. We neglect the increase in the gas and food we neglect the increasing rate of unemployment but we never let go of revenge and hand the power to the authority! Maybe the city needs a new master plan for what is on the inhibitors head before planning what is under their feet.

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