Sunday, 22 November 2009

21st centaury slavery

World organizations argue that the age of slavery has ended after the world war and now our life is filled with the slogans of the civil rights foundations. Scholars started studying human rights in universities! As if human right is a subject to be studied and comprehended! As if the simple right to be respected and the right to be free and SIMPLY LIVE has to be scripted on paper and spoken in world wide conferences ! It has to be studied to find its way in this living world!

But again even with this media mess and the obligation to exist, we are still not free. Even in the middle of the 21st century we are still slaves for the head of the capital in other words the sheep owner! The owner that haven't read the human right declaration and haven't had any human right course or read any management book! Worst of all someone who knows nothing and understand nothing and thinks that the world revolves around his money! It is one thing to be slaves for the corporation and the institution , it is one thing that one doesn't own his own time for the sake for balanced life, it is one thing to be a slave for the capitalism, for advertising agencies, for the mass media, for the law, for religion, for mass destruction or for global economy but to be a slave for stupidity and mood swing to be slave for a sheep owner. this is the new slavery of the 21st century that not even Luther king has expected ! He had a dream! But he forgot to sleep in the first place!

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