Wednesday, 18 November 2009


ok you have to admit that having a blog is one of the craziest and wierdest things in life! if i was told that 6 years ago i would have a facebook page, multiple acounts on the crazy ning network and a BLOG! i will totally freak out and go crazy . to me that would be a sort of opening up and exposing feeling and emotions this will be showing fear, craziness, love, hate and most of all showing my vulnerable points.looking at the issue form this perspetive i have this struggle each time i post something on this page. this is not a professional hotspot where hard words and design issues is discussed. this is not an online portfolio where things can be bragged about . this is not a complete journal to serve as a personal notebook, definatly not personal since poeple can follow it and read things! untill this moment i havent figured out what this blog means or where it shall end! it is just as messy as my life is and as crazy and random as all the thoughts in my head. i will keep jugging between words and betweens life by at least it is ONE life and it is totally mine and it is one blog ( for now) and it is totally mine.

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  1. things are only vulnerable if you want them to be so ... and the blog is precious because you're not trying to showcase anything, this is something you do for yourself and so it should be.

    keep it up, cause staying true to yourself ain't that bad really :)