Tuesday, 8 December 2009

virtual objectification

The portable digital camera is the best product man kind had ever invented. The tiny tool that is based on a simple physical law and requires only mirrors and lenses is an essential part of our lives in the 20th Centaury indeed is has created a boom in the art industry and shifted the initial essence of the act of painting. The tiny hand held device is the magical god that captures surrounding moments, touristic monuments, emotions, expressions and most of all people’s memory and fragments of their life. the obsessive addictive device managed to mentally capture its user and captivate him in the bordered world the camera is able to create. The interior pixels create various worlds and optimum reality. The objects that compose any image are independent of its own though each has a role but combined together they provide a magical dialogue with each other, but the most astonishing is that they take the life of their own and become immortal. The objects might change positions and arrangements thus changing their conceivable reality. For the photographer those photos would become his own belonging his is the god that created this world and little by little the lens becomes the eye that he hides behind to conceive the actual surrounding. He is rediscovering life on his own terms. At one point this self created god might die but his self created would forever live.

The series below are instant emotions and moments that are lost in the everyday life. the images were bewildering even for the actors appear in the photos. The captured emotions were a shock and astonishing.

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  1. i love them! i think they're really funny and cool xD