Monday, 21 December 2009


like seriously!!!

i dont understand few things in life and they seems super bizarre though for me they are super clear! like why do i have t stay in the office doing nothing and gazing endlesly at my screen while i have nothing to do ! if i have finished the things i was supposed to do then why is an obligation to sty in a place that i dont to stay inand doing somthing i dont want to do ! practically ,thy shouldnt pay me for those hours! am not doing any actual work!

the second stuipd thing! someone writing on thier picture.. brother for life! ok so the fact that you are brothers is indeed FOR LIFE! are you gonna stop being brothers after a while! lets say a year! dose it hold the same meaning when two lovers write on thier facebook picture TOGETHER FOR EVER! well, i can understand that but BROTHERS FOR LIFE! that is too much ! am not really sure why people run after chliches like they are a creative act somehow!

I HATE mean mean mean mean mean people and i dont mean Wajdy mean! i mean people who would talk abot you behind thier back and they stab you in the back AGAIN! yes again and again and again! seriously they dont think other people would know that they they fooling them and they are only looking more stuipd!


  1. Two questions :

    1. is it a dead end job ?
    2. do you know/remember how disheartening unemployment is ?

    It's important to keep an eye on the small shinny silver part of that cloud above your head , although venting also helps .

  2. 1. it is a job that i hate and it is not even good for my career!
    2.i know that is why am stuck here till i manage to find something else!
    as i said it is the feeling of slavery for the institution and every one has to obey the rules or die of hunger!
    of course there is a silver cloud but sometimes people's insanity deletes all kinds of shimmery shinny light around you! i call this a moment of weakness.

  3. i agree with jeremiah ... complaining would do you no good! act upon your wishes!