Monday, 21 December 2009

Adding up

To understand human nature is a complicated design analysis process, it painful , vain , hard and it's change is unpredictable and depends on the type of chromosome that constituted this marvelous design, of course whether it was X or Y. lets elaborate on X here , i truly believe that x is way much more bewildering and more unpredictable. she keeps on creating reasons and personalities that Y cant keep with. she hold multi layers and keeps changing them every second.Mood swings, believes, ideological believes, taste in clothes, taste in shoes, taste in men, favorite movies, favorite music and most likely best friends. for a woman the biggest problem can be solved with a piece of chocolate or a pair of nice shoe. she would monitor her life till she lays her claws on the perfect man and then only then she shows her sharp teeth to the poor man. (ofcourse sarcastically speaking)

Even though many would disagree, but women have the ultimate power to manipulate, argue or even to discourse any kind of argument and any kind of decision her Superior man is willing to take.

All this shows real power that women have. they hold the ultimate power in the universe, ancient people knew that and that is why they framed her as the goddess. the modern man knew that and that is why he decided to break her down.and worst of all he wants her to fight for her rights! the rights that are supposed to be given to her by birth ! he wants her to be proud and happy for achieving minimal tasks like being a pilot or becoming a taxi driver! he took the right from her and he is now proud of her because she managed to achieve! honestly am ashamed of people who are proud of the first pilot woman becasue this is the normal situation not a celebrated event!
Shame on you men ! shame on you !


  1. ah yes taking my words and writing them down :P
    well, i'm glad that you like what i say that much!

    shame on them indeed, and shame on women for not using their manipulative powers correctly. bidkom sho'3ol lissa.

    i totally agree with everything else you say ... celebrating the first female pilot is definitely a disgrace and fierce indicator on how roles have switched over the course of time.

  2. it is crazy how things are going on this world and not only in the middle east it is int he whole world!
    i did not take your words! shame on you again MR man for not thinking that i have a mind of my own and being able to put thinks that are making me mad on paper! ( web)

  3. I'm sorry but I have to completely disagree . Amelia Earhart did her transatlantic flight in 1928 . Yes we did celebrate her then. But I don't think you can belittle that achievement to the point of no recognition . Specially that it came only 9 years after the first ever transatlantic flight. There are now a lot of female pilots but we no longer produce that statistic because it's normal, and they are called "pilots"; without any reference to their reproductive systems or chromosomes.

    And to be more on the up and up: taking a gender side is a bit outdated and a tad too defensive if not childish. Your gender can't win if the other gender loses ! And it's you against the world when it comes to proving yourself , your gender won't team up to help you.

    And if my memory serves me the picture you are using is a poster for the "lesbian campaign" in the crazy era of 70s USA. For or against it the idea is outdated.

    Maybe it's not my place in which case I sincerely apologize. It's just my opinion and I'm almost always wrong. I'm back to reviewing bands who never saw the proper light.

  4. @ Jeremiah: that's precisely the point, taking gender sides is outdated .. EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! allow me to elaborate, the idea behind Dash's post is that recently (like last month)a Jordanian female pilot took the first commercial airline flight on her own from point A to point B. They made such a deal out of it that they even interviewed passengers on their way out asking them offensive questions such as: "did you notice that this air craft was piloted by a woman?"

    now that's why i'm saying that celebrating a female pilot is offensive! Amelia is a completely different story ( really looking forward to see the movie btw) since back then this issue wasn't outdated, and her accomplishment was beyond commercial airlines.

    Taking gender sides really isn't the right way to deal with things, but in a culture where a woman is still not free to make her own decisions and still get road blocked in her career and personal life based on her gender ... i'll take her side any day and she needs all the help she could get .. because and without them knowing it, it's holding us back as a society and as a culture. the fact that we're even discussing this in the 21st century is something that saddens me deeply. you should know that most of our - or maybe just dash's - statements are pure reaction to oppression. At least she is saying something about it while all other women are holding their piece in fear.

    a big lol at the picture, dash probably wanted to indicate women power and had no knowledge of that campaign, however, probably lots of women think that lesbianism = feminism.

  5. @ Slash : i couldnt have explain the situation better.

    it is sad and drives me insane as a woman to be in a society that i hvae to fight for the simplest right as living a proper life and to be respected and given my own freedom. and what makes me even more angry is that female in my society cant see the fact that they are oppressed and they are undermined.and oh yea that is another point... while we are still discussing this other people in society such yours has overcame this issue more than 80 years ago!
    allow to me add that this is coming from a female who has a liberal family and the least suppressed here in both genders! but i still feel bad to see the way our middle eastern societies work.

    @ jeremiah
    i think you have all the right to say that and disagree with the concept as it is bizarre and outrages! that is why me and slash are upset and mad. i feel honored that you read my blog
    PS: i love reading you reviews about the new bands and the underground music. i love independent music and independent films i can recommend few names to you as well.
    cheers man

  6. dash , I'm tempted to say that it's my fault for misunderstanding. But you didn't give the background story behind that post . So it's already taken out of context before I ever came along.

    Slash, I still think that you can't take somebody's side in his/her quest to become independent , it defeats the whole purpose. But I understand where you're coming from.

  7. i might not raise flags of war, but i'll take sides by acting differently in a positive direction :)

  8. i wish we had more people like slash here. but sadly even the most liberal men ( the ones who act liberal) cant help but fall under the tribal rules of this society. i don't want to fight for a right that is mine by birth yet i cant help but being mad at women who are still not aware of their power.