Friday, 11 September 2009

school reunion

nostalgia filled me and a the old forgotten memories has overwhelmed my head with the old laughteres and the old times we spent walking down the same passage i used for every second for three years, and when i say three years i mean every second , i was living at the dorms then and this school was the center of my life. now after six years i visit it again, what a weired feeling to be walking in the midst of memories and look at every corner of the big massive structure to find all the hidden memories in the old rusty mind.

6 years meant that 6 generations has passed, what was i thinking when i thought that i might see some of my old colleagues, every one has already moved on and the memories has burned into ashes, everything we had, all the good time is already matter how hard we cried on our last day and no matter how we tried so hard to document each second of our last year and take pictures for every corner at the end we let dust eat those pictures and we barely speak if we saw each other on the street. human relations are so weired. it is hard to say that but they relate to a concrete space and to a a building more than they relate to human beings, maybe because building dont change and they stay the way they are and humans turn to monsters after they hit 20!

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