Wednesday, 23 September 2009

طيارة من ورق

اي ولك جينا لهون و بعدين لشو! حتى نحن صرنا سلعة ترويجية اهلا تكنلوجيا!
اسمك انت تانيا
ايه لكن من هلا بقا اسمك تانيا
ايه لنو اسهل الفظه هلا
انت نليمة لما عاملة حالك نايمة !

2003 movie i took out from the shelves thinking that i would see Ziad rahbnai or hear some of his songs! at least something as good as good of his plays!
instead see a repetition for something i have seen already in three movies and ziad had a minor part in it. even if they erased his role if would affect the plot! the movie is not bad over all, cinematography and amazing colours. the story is about the Israeli occupation in a durzi village. half of the village belongs to the Lebanese side and the other belongs to the Israeli side and there a huge mine field separating the both sides. women stand on the edge every day shouting at each other with their intimate life details. a situation that a lot Lebanese Palestinian people know it very well. the plot revolves around a girl that is forced to leave to the other side and marry her cousin while she is in love with the Israeli soldier who is ziads friend. the girl hates the boy and tells him that in his face telling him that she is in love with someone the end the girl is sent back to her family.
i was tying to figure out a deeper meaning to the movie or more subtle maybe a bit sarcastic but excuse my low IQ i couldn't.

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