Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Honor crimes

Statistics shows that 25 woman die yearly in Jordan because of honor crime.

An honor crime – fimicidethe act of violence against a relative usually a daughter or a sister for suspicion of losing virginity , even if the case was a rape or abuse or even if the woman was a victim of gossips she will have to pay the price.

in Jordan potential victims ( women ) are jailed ( protective custody ) instead of their predators for their own safety as it is stated in the police reports and will not be released until a male relative signs a paper promising the safety of the woman, yearly 40 women are jailed with no way out or a clear solution for alomost 10 to 15 years!

I googled HONOR CRIMES and all the results that I found was either written by Jordanian bolggers or written about Jordan ! I found this a bit wearied the reasons were either that we are the only ones who can bluntly speak about it or we are the only one who have crime honors! Well I will let you decide! But this act opened the eyes of the Human Rights Watch and recently it asked Jordan to reconsider the Honor crime law in the Jordanian constitution . Jordan responded by stating that this law was canceled and that the decision now in the hand of the house of representatives!

Well of course the law was not canceled as the statement hinted and we still have the law that gives the killer a sentence of 3 months if the crime was committed on a fit of fury base! Well and of course Jordanina men are furious about their honor even if the crime was committed after months from the relative knowing of the sexual act! If it happened in the first place!

This cover for this violent is for a reason and it is covering a certain group and serves a definite reason, men can cover up with this verdict at any case of women disobedience even if it was her only fault is merely existing! or her sharing her brother in the family money !

Such a shame! A shame in a country that acts with all this development and modernization! A country that brags about having a new master plan and new high-rise and a new vision! Such a shame that we still deep inside live in a tribal community!

( a flake dropped from the sky , afraid and shattered, hurt and savataged, the poor flake drops on the ground awaiting to be stepped at and to crushed for the reason that she was dropped! Dropping on a window she felt relived to fall on a safe place, happy to close her eyes and sleep , she never knew that she will not open them again because the sun sentenced her to die, the upper power of justice and warmth has broken her promise to god. A promise stated to protect the flake and nurture her. The glass window wept in silent because his hands were tightened and couldn’t hold it before the flakes melts. Hands tightened by humans)

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