Wednesday, 16 September 2009


i once had a friend named Reem, a sweet girl who was my best friend for a long time. i shared secrets and joy with her, we shared a tiny Little room in irbid. haven't seen her for almost 2 years now and havent talked to her for 4 years. not knowing why and how , not knowing whether it was me to her , but for me it was easier to blame her and put on her, it was easier to say i hate her rather than talking to her about the real problem and sort it out. maybe things would have been different if we just talked.
after a year we meet and we talk, all secrets were revealed and the hurtful words we said are put on the table. she became this beautiful person and wonderful loving, living spirit. she has grown to be a sweet person that i have missed for the past years.
this is a special post for that person and a special welcome to my life.

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