Thursday, 21 July 2011

I had my first 5 newzilish dollars today!

Fact of the day; newzelish currency cannot be torn. The face Mr. Howard something whom I never heard of or seen before fills the paper with a stupid British smile. As ignorant as it seemed but this distant very far country has nothing in relation to us except the only reliable source of sheep meat that my mother used to buy when we were young “ sheep in newzeland eat grass, sheep in Jordan eat plastic bags!” in a way she made sense for a 10 year old!

I never knew that such a step will come uninvited, sudden and impulsive still we are welcoming it with open arms. 
So going back to the currency at hand; holding it at such a time and being handed from this certain person at this exact moment had the effect of the wakening morning coffee once it hits the brain.

Friendship is just an unpredictable factor in people’s lives; it can be augmented, patronized or even criticized but it is never static and never reasoned. . The fact that people’s relations are over rated had always haunted me until the point where all my relations on the margin of collapsing. All the things that are still not finished, conversations that still to be continued, colors and brushes to be bought and all the canvases that still to be filled with colors will always be on hold until further notice.

This is the first goodbye and I reckon that what will come next will not be easy. I will have to be always thankful for having a partner who shared an addiction to red askimos!

I got to admit having those 5 dollars in my pocket is quite exciting. I will be missing you my friend.  

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