Monday, 1 August 2011

first day of Ramadan!

Respecting religion,respecting culture, context and society are things involved in mu day to day job in the development field and things i have learnt through the years but now what about my my thoughts and believes to be respected in return? 

So this is the first day of Ramadan and the first day of August! with only four days left for me in the office.... coming today i was drinking coffee in my car while coming to the office. With the glass hidden in the car and me trying to hide the fact that i am inserting something in my mouth i couldn't help but laugh at the contradictions in my society. Where people call for freedom ! Where slogans of well structured and democracy fill the streets! here i am hiding my nonreligious believes for the mere reason of not going to jail. Not fasting is something the Jordanian society does not accept. Not fasting is a felony. For not fasting one will spend the whole month in jail.
while driving to the office today i could not help but feel that  ////// NOT fasting = PUBLIC nudity! ///////////

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  1. both ain't that bad! WE DEMAND PUBLIC NUDITY!