Sunday, 17 July 2011


Deadlines of things i wanted to do and things i wanted to finish for months started piling up. Like a student who leaves his homework unresolved until the dawn of the exam to start studying. As if i was back to collage and my submission is late due to my constant elaborate procrastination.Why do i keep doing this and why do i take time for granted is a question  i need to ask myself repeatedly. Dates lined up like wild fierce numbers falling from the sky. Unfinished paintings, unedited photographs, un-photographed images in my head, unfinished books,  un-digested information and unbounded relations pile and pile and pile until they become a big mountain of screams and insecurities that i am afraid i will carry with me as a baggage of regret. Not allowing to move on or to set priorities in this very tight scheduled of numbers that were done and undone. They pile up above my knee to reach my thighs, cover my hands, reach to my neck, my mouth, my eyes, my head.. Until i suddenly breath!

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