Monday, 4 April 2011

The boy in the bubble

David Phillip Vetter (September 21, 1971 – February 22, 1984) was a boy from Shenandoah, Texas, United States who suffered from a rare genetic disease now known as severe combined immune deficiency syndrome (SCID). Forced to live in a sterile environment, he became popular with the media as the boy in the plastic bubble.
The boy later becomes the inspiration for many movies and was mentioned n movies and series as an exotic distinguished figure and expectational a superb gamer or extra ordinary loner.Never the less the idea of the poor guy sitting in the small bubble i suppose not understanding how the world around him can be disturbing exquisitely harsh and banal!

SCID is a congenital disorder that causes immune deficiency because the B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes in the adaptive immune system are not working. These lymphocytes are usually born in the bone marrow and exist in the body in lymph nodes, where they are essential for fighting bacteria and viruses. The diagnosis SCID is confirmed when babies are around 6 months old, because at that time the antibodies they’ve received from their mothers in fetal life are beginning to go away. By the age of 6 months, these babies are beginning to have lots of weird infections that healthy individuals normally don’t have, such as some specific cancers and infections caused by bacteria in our normal flora.

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