Sunday, 24 April 2011

Paint Map- introducing the fence project

Paint Map is a project that combines Art,people, geology and maps. It is a based website that shows the multiple mediums of urban representation for the contextual areas around artist. How their vision of their surrounding is reflected on their canvases. 

The project that started in 2008 shows a similar version to the Google maps but instead of regular pictures that people add they are adding paintings that show the area and the exact place where the painting was done. 

I was so thrilled to see this project as it would a great opportunity to play with my Fence series, which are photos i have taken for fences through my travels. 
Fences represent semi boundaries rather physical than visual. They allow the extension of sight towards an unreachable place and allow the imagination to create actions and play within this place. They define an area that is allowed to be truss passed and manipulated only with a significant amount of effort. 

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