Monday, 21 March 2011

Facebook. The new monster

It is very hard to imagine that Facebook started in 2003 and went public in 2006. In less than 10 years Facebook which was a small project became a multi billion dollar business. The key to the success of this new young company is the huge data base that it stands on. Over 80 million user are subscribed to this network with more than 550000 active application for people to use.For me this is becoming scary!

Not only facebook is becoming an important factor in people's lives but it is starting to shift it and change it. It drastically changes its appearance and way of interaction and no can reject or object to this dictatorship regime! ( I wonder if after 20 years people will revolt against facebook and will find its place next to Mubarak, Zain alabeden and Gathafi!)

In addition, one's security is bein
g endangered by Facebook. How m
any of you read the contract that agreed upon when you signed into facebook? i reckon no one! The rules clearly says that your information and anything you post on facebook dosenot belong to you and it belong to the other party. This means that if you post a picture and you remove it facebook still has the copy right f
or it.

If you wish to post a comment unanimously, serf the web without being recognized, then forget about it! the concept of unanimity is fading out. Websites previously asked for a sign up before entering or downloading any information now they do not have to.They can access your information through connecting to facebook! The access your account and they ask you to allow them to post on your wall and change your status! Check out slide share and Groovshake!

The hardest part to understand is the directed consumer ship factor. If you are annoyed by the google Ads that come up according to your interest well then you will hate this. Soon enough Ads will be directed specially for you according to the information that you have provided, websites that you surfed and the blogs you comment on. So, if you like porn then be careful. Porn ads will be pouring at you!

Be afraid!! Be very afraid!!

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