Friday, 11 March 2011

self resolution

If an allegory can be used to describe the way my life has been, I would choose that of the metamorphosis of a chrysalis into a butterfly—the achievement of maturity through a difficult process of hard struggles. My struggle when I grew up came from my desire to become everything and everyone at once. I wanted to be the medical doctor, the dancer, the artist, the player, the musician, the ballerina and every single occupation I had in mind. Every day proved that this is not applicable and this cannot possibly be- in this life at least.

Since my early age my mom discovered that I had a clear passion for paper, colors and crayons. She thought this can be a starting point in my career as an artist hence she enrolled me in an art school to get my first Art diploma, I was only 17 at the time. This was the first step that I remember that helped shaping my life and gave a definite direction to where I want to be in the future and who I want to become. This has affected every decision that I have made in my life afterwards.

Choosing a subject to study in collage was easy for me. I had the choice of going to Design school or architectural school based on my previous expertise in this zone but due to the fact that my both parents were medical doctors I had to chose the second one because it went under engineering section.

Today, as an Ex-architect who ventured in the fields of design, Art, Film making, shoe design, urban planning, photography, product design, magazine writing, and children illustration I have ended up in the design and media for development field.

The journey was all confusing and vague from the start till now and though the decisions were dependant on external factors and opportunities that came along the way, I now know where I belong and where I will focus all my efforts on.

Getting involved in the development field gave me the chance to intertwine all the issues that I have studied and ventured in, teach them, experiment with them and turn them into ways for conflict resolution and developments tools. During my work I have witnessed with those means have changed underprivileged lost youth who failed in the academic field to express their ideas, their emotions and build up a career out of Art, photography, film making or any related mean. The impact took a long time but the results were definite and concrete. For me to see this change is the ultimate and most satisfying feeling of self worth that drives me to continue and give me strength and power to be able to affect people’s life hence affecting their future.

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