Sunday, 6 June 2010


20: Mary Jan shoes, long pearl head band (cloche)or a flat flowered hat with below the knee dress, quite, full length stocking colors are black and white







30: similarities to the 20s, shallow hats with a band on the side, small leather bag with long strap. Silk hand gloves. More styles of shoes and specially the flat heel(the platform shoe รก la Carmen Maranda)or Louis heel shoe, tailored longer dress, white and pale stocking.







40: long dress, nylon swing skirts, colorful makeup, corks and crocodile leather shoes; shoes were more heavy and low heels. Abandoning single sheet of corset and the age of the cantilevered bra!early 40s were the trend for men's wear.










50: ballerina shoes, black and white colored, back to gloves and long figure dresses for women, and pencil skirts leather jackets for men.







60: colorful clothes, miniskirts, mini dresses, kitten heel shoes, bandana for the hair, women went barefoot and many dressed like hippies, nicely combed perfect hair and mostly raised asa pony tail








70: colorful patterns, miniskirts and v nicked dresses, hot pants(extremely short sorts), platform shoes.










80:big shoulders (shoulder pads), suites that were pink, green and blue, saturated colors, accessories and makeup.big hand bags that matched the shoes, tight black pants with long shirts and flat shoes with pointed tips big hair styles.





90 : Grungy Seattle rocker vibes/men wear baggy pants/nude makeup and brownish colors for females. overalls and corduroy trousers and crazy big tshirts,















Let me think about it a bit!

Again! Again!

Nothing! Surprisingly enough fashion had stopped developing. After a decade of different outfits, from tight pants to Charleston to strait ones to short skirts the new decade had stopped producing any new trends or any creative fashions identities or simply any new ideas or artistic self expression.

Since the beginning of time fashion has been a direct income of the current social and political situation, from the dirty pants of the 20s which were affected by the great depression to the 70's fashion that was the color for natural peace movements that was directed by hippies and the feminine dresses of the 50s that came after the horror of the world war and the emerging of mafia and the sexy elegant female figure.

At the end of the 21st century and beginning the 22nd, nothing special has emerged in the fields of art, architecture and the certainly not fashion. The 21st century is too indulged in the rapid change of world movement, too incorporated in the globalization race that artists are so busy with following this hasty development in all aspect of their surrounding that they became too lazy to come up with new creative ideas! Creativeness and uniqueness has melted like cultures in one big pot and identities became hard to identify. Self expression technique varied and getting dressed like a mixture of multiple cultural tree has emerged on the surface like a poor new trend for the lack of any creative one.

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  1. well there's this:

    wouldn't exactly call it fashion myself, it's more like S&M; everyone else in the world seem to like it/her.