Thursday, 10 June 2010

dear god

ammm.. if u god is the ultimate wisdom and the greatest justice then why don't u give people their right in this life! do u think they want to wait till after life while suffering in agony and hatred till u come to the rescue!
maybe .. just maybe i have n intention to go to the boring heaven! (maybe if i was a man)!


  1. Asalamu'Alaikom,

    I'm going to have to treat you rudely. Excuse me, but:

    Maybe if we stuff your head with some logic, your life will finally make sense.

    The world is perfect the way it is. Evil is a sum of mankind's deeds. Suffering is the way God decides to tell you He (swt) wants to get you back on track. You think Agony is bad? You think Suffering is because there's no creator? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY STUCK AT THE "WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?" QUESTION?

    People from ancient times have tried to find an excuse for the existence of evil. They even considered the devils to have been made to balance the 'gods' or the angels, etc. God's wisdom is in the things you go through. Even if God took away from you what you love, He (swt) did it for a reason whether you recognize and understand the reason or not.

    "Never to suffer would have been never to have been blessed." When you realize that (and how to think deep and how to spell), come back and blog again. :)


  2. I can understand rude treatment when someone is attacking you personally, but I find it extremely weak of you to get so rude/defensive to when someone remotely insults your ideal ... are you this insecure about what you believe in ? if not, then why do you find the need to desperately defend it?

    look, I don't know who you are and I don't care, but I know for sure, if you're not a preacher then you're a wannabe preacher ... and preachers are known for one thing: Holier than thou attitude! You probably don't know much more than most of us do! If you want to believe that you were created for reasons beyond your grasp - aka you're an idiot that even your god won't explain to you your own existence - then fine, by all means, believe whatever the fuck you want!

    but don't come preaching! your god think you're dumb so you try to prove that you're smarter than other people? I'll give you the reason for your existence: YOU HAVE NONE! YOU WILL ROT IN THE GROUND LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE. there's no greater purpose, nothing!

    Now run along, and go RoxYourSox at a fucking spelling bee somewhere.

  3. Actually I got rude about it only in the intention to get them back to their senses. Plus, I didn't preach anyone, just told you my mind.

    It's just, at least I didn't talk gibberish about a deity. Nevertheless, sorry for being rude. But people go rude for personal reasons and weaknesses, you should be thankful this didn't happen here.