Monday, 21 June 2010


Life and death is overrated matter and in fact it is more of a selfish matter that concerns the human's inability of being alone.

I have not seen in my grandpa my whole life, am not sure if he knows I do exist in a matter a fact is not sure he cares or he cared. And yesterday he dies and I have no slightest feeling or the will to tell anyone about it. Blood related obligation is supposed to be the strongest bond that abides people to each other many proverbs were based on this conception as to stress the importance of family relation and here I am finding this to be the ultimate misconception humans have ever made! Relations are only who is around you or who you have spent time with. It is more related to memories and even memories are erased by time.

I always wondered how is like to have a dominant male in the family, male presence was kept to the minimal when I was growing up, finding out that I had a grandpa was pretty exciting but finding now that he is not there anymore is a bit (normal!).


  1. I just hope you never have to face the idea of losing someone dear sweetie! as for your grandpa, may he rest in peace whoever he was.

    Dear people are people who care for you as much as you care for them; if they treasure your memory you will treasure theirs, and time won't delete it. Hopefully, a male presence would be back when you have a father to your children :)

  2. Well, what you're saying kinda makes sense to me.
    Moreover, it's also a matter of what the presence of such ppl mean to you, or what memories you had with them, I'll take my grandpa as an example, he's there and he's alive, but he has alzheimer, too bad that he doesn't know anyone or anything anymore, he's already somewhat dead, but ppl around him take extreme care of him like a little baby and love him so much although he duznt recognise any of them anymore, n i guess their motive is their memories with him!