Wednesday, 15 April 2009

walking trip

For some people living in Amman a trip to( Iraq Alameer) is a trip that they go to on Fridays and they have certain rituals for it , like getting barbeque meat or cooking some meals. Of course a sheet for seating is a necessity, but i never imagined that i will go to Iraq alameer on a Wednesday at 5 o’clock in the morning for a walk! The nice part about is when you actually see the difference between daily routines at 5 and daily routines at 8
-streets are empty= pedestrians are invading the street
-you don’t actually have to pay attention while driving=unconscious driving !
Walking at 5=you are already awake for 6 hours before you go to work.
-enjoying nature= you hate your job twice now!
-your hair is so messy-no need for a physical body!
Anyway, walking as an action can easily be fulfilled , but walking with people that open your heart up is not an action that happens every day.. Actually not every year!
You don’t meet Palestinian who decided to imagine that the Israeli soldier is invisible and she can blow him away like a soap bubble to focus on living and spreading life to people who need it. Or a Palestinian who was born in Damascus and left to beurit and then to New York to ditch architecture and study art history focusing now on experimentations on collective memory and photography! Or even a man who spent 10 years studying and then another 10 years to recover from the damage done by institutions! Nice crowd telling their stories openly to people they barely men and barely new! I had to tell a story as every one did, i guess i dint find anything in my life except the mess that i was born into the weird mix that i have became! And amazingly they found this as interesting and as innovative and unique!

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