Friday, 10 April 2009

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The Circle - a movie by an Iranian director called jafar pahatchi. The whole movie revolves around the tragedy of women living in Iran. Their devastating life and the crudity and injustice they suffer every day. Well, the problem is that the movie is not actually serving the idea it was screened for. First of all it is too long and the story is fragmented between more than 5 characters who share one background- being in prison for in their past. This has labelled those characters as being -Bad People. Form that perspective why does the director ask for the male audience to be compassionate about them when he archetypes those characheters and state that those are models of Iranian Women. When he only achieved to show how hard is the woman's life when she escapes from prison! The viewer doesn’t get attached to any of those characters and no hit is indicated of their background, or the life that they are living and they have lived! They only connect on fragments of time where a one character gives the main role to the other-of course to tell her sad story after leaving prison or escaping. Well, I bet this might even happen in Europe or the state. No one like ex-prisoners! Why not focus on the culture of the individual people like the police man who wanted to call a married woman to see her! Or the urging need to smoke as if by doing so any individual is going to achieve self independence or self realization! At the end those women end up mysteriously and vaguely at the police station victimized and feeling sorry for themselves. I suppose not this circle that was supposed to be screen. There a lot more to shoot in Iran rather than flexing muscles of how to me mysterious and hot to shoot in 360 position.

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