Monday, 6 April 2009

how bored are you

Am sitting in the office.. getting o bored that I would take my head off… put it on a stick and run around it in a circle and sing baha baha bah baha baha ……and then finish the song the song with haa ha ha ha… well apparently am the one in the office that thinks that it is so stupid to stay in the office for a couple of ideas while I can do something better with my time like blogging.. or actually only writing on pc and then use another pc to post it cause at this office … well..( be prepared for this surprise)…. Tanaaaaaa IDONT HAVE INTERNET ON MY PC…. You wouldn’t think that an architectural company in the 20th century doesn’t have provide internet for its employees!!!! And they ask us to be creative.. blab la blab la … where do they think we would get creativity … or even inspiration… from their own work!!!!!!! Or we shall just try to squeeze our minds to get something out of.. at this moment you would only get orange juice if you squeezed mine.. and most probably it would expired. !!! at this moment I realize that am not suitable for a ful time office work that goes on for 10 hours in a row.. five days a week!!! Aw.. and it is sooo boring..

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