Monday, 26 July 2010

Man in my office

so here is thought, in work place at 3:00 daily the office boy comes and takes the garbage from each office. the thing is that am always sweet with those men and i take my own garbage out in order to save the embarrassment for them and just treat them like human beings, with Respect. Every day this man takes my things and he never answers me back when i tell him thank you or god bless you. today the sercet was revealed.(sound of drums beating very very fast) am not a decent woman for him to answer.he answers my collegue (who is vailed) with yes ya a5te(yes my sister) and please and thank you ya a5te! but he never answered me though she is a bit mean to him. !AAHHHHHH! (with mouth wide open and hand closing the mouth revealing a deep voice that reflects a big shock)! yes, apparently this man considers me not of his standards to answer me or i will be the reason he goes to HELL! LIKE i want to go to heaven with this type of men!



  1. interesting!! really its strange how people can think sometimes!!

  2. well not only think but judge as well. thanks for supporting me in this.

  3. i think he might be shy around you ! u know i had this problem back when i was a kid in skool or when a new girl comes to work but it only take 2 weeks then i well be ok yah thats it
    tho one time i had a woman as a manger around here i couldn't say a word O.O and i dono y