Sunday, 4 July 2010

AND we did it

finally after a whole week of anticipation and waiting, and a long day for running in the streets asking strangers to vote for us we DID IT.
my baby sister who never won anything and never been anywhere is going to South Africa to watch the final game! yes the final game:)
If you ever go into a compition and you need as many people as u can gather to vote for you here is the recipe:
1. first couple of days ask your friends and relatives to vote and ask them to share it on thier profiles.
2. look for groups and paste it on the walls of the group
3. in 2 did not get you vote MAKE FAKE ACCOUNT(or you will be blocked by facebook) and send to all the members of the group private messages(yes SPAM)
4. Send to the admins of the groups to make you an admin so u can send those people with high privacy accounts
5. hunt people on the chat and make them vote on the spot
6. send private messages to all yours friends who have not voted yet. if all of them did take ur best friends email and send to all his friends to vote. ask other people to do that to make sure you get the most out of the votes.
7. if all ways fail and still there is a huge gap between you and the guy you can make three teams and go to the streets and ask strangers to vote(or in our case run after strangers to listen to you and vote).