Thursday, 1 October 2009

woman at point Zero -Nawal sadawi

The book opens up with the internal conflict of the powerful doctor that feels challenged by this prisoner named ferduis that refuse to meet her . her silence left the doctor hopeless and powerless, feeling that she has beaten by a killer who would be dead in few days. The psychological defeat of one man is only attained by silence. But at the end of the book the author/doctor admits that a killer who is true and honest is more powerful and honest than her. a killer who seeks her oneness is more powerful that a neurologist. Sitting on the ground feeling intermediated by the power around ferduis and her existence the doctor she doesn’t feel the coldness of the bare rough concrete. Ferduis slowly unravels graphically her story her emotions and her way of looking at people’s eyes in attempt t o understand them. He life is tragic filled with oppression and rejection by everyone she meets, abused in her childhood and adulthood, practically the story of 50% of women in the middle east.

The story jumps between the temples of fear and hate at one point and hate and anger at another, between black small eyes and the light they reflect as the ferduis address. This is not a story of prostitute thriving for compassion this is a story of a strong powerful woman who seek the freedom of her soul in a society controlled by sexual creatures called men.
At one point in her life she understands the contradicting parts of a relationship and gains control by choosing to be a prostitute. At some parts of the book she tries to blend in the society holding her “respect” with her high school diploma but she fails. When she decides to regain her freedom of choice she gains respect, when she decides to tell the truth in a world full of men’s lies she gets prosecuted and considered as a dangerous woman.

The content is powerful and tackles aspects of social, economical and religious society . taking the reader through a turbulent life with child abuse, child molestation, circumcision, rape, betrayal by people that led to her explosion in a life she struggled to adapt to but she couldn’t.

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  1. after reading nawal Sadawi before and with your review i'm really looking forward to read this one :)