Friday, 4 July 2008

the realation beween A and B

In this universe there are two kinds of people, one that you love and one that you can live with. This categorization is only realized after one enters the dating game and is old enough to realize the fact A; human beings are social creatures, which means that they live in groups. But of course fact A is not the issue here.
The two categories are a simplified version of the human psychology regarding relations and love affairs. The first type is the person that you love; emotions, dreams and feelings are involved. The main generator here is the heart regardless of the mind or the sense of logic. It’s more of a dream that lasts for several years as maximum time period. The second category is the person that one is capable of living with; as fact A states that humans are social creatures. Emotions are not required and the mind is the dominant leader in this type. The choice of choosing such person comes after failures with type 1 and the actual aging process.

As humans age the idea of death is more and more whispered, the need for a tribe overcomes the comprehension of life thus the level of imagination and adaptation descends, hence the actual meaning of life changes from exploration to living. At this stage of the cycle the human no longer considers emotions as a tool for living but rather uses it as a tool of dreaming. Type 2 is chosen to the lack or the inexistence of type1 and the actual perception of this fact. Thus one is settled with type 2 that offers no love no actual dream realization no exploration in simple word it can be said that it offers one pill of elusive drug to the mind putting it to sleep, while the other organs of the body are still functioning . Yet, it offers stability rather the madness that type 1 offer. The choice of type 2 is offered with large bag of daydreaming that was a result of the abandonment of dreams.
When one realizes that the partner is not the same person as seen in dreams, certain things has to be put in scale and priorities is to be rearranged. For example let us say that person A likes boxing wile his/her partner doesn’t do that, regardless the information that this can be learnt. The boxing action is not to be performed by person A anymore. Our example has the choice either to leave the partner or reset her/his priorities. While letting go of the action is only because the partner B is easy to live with. But A has several options either to dream about partner C that will enjoys boxing with or to actually have partner C with whom the action is to be performed, yet still living with person B.
While most humans by nature are leaning more towards choice 2,some tries to chose 1 as a sort of violation for the rules of human psychology ;of course unconsciously . Those trials are what we call failed relations that causes divorce after love marriage or they are the unfaithfulness of partner A to partner B.
As humans owning a set of emotions of love,hatred,stability and madness this might be so confusing and the fact that humans are the only creatures that have the right to chose makes the observation of their contrary and opposed choices are a subject to be studied.

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