Friday, 4 July 2008

Nietzsche V.S Dr Phill.....

Its so funny that life rotates in a cycle and human beings are the centre of this cycle. Human’s nature is eager to change and this change has been the line that differs between social classes. Their keen and enthusiasm towards modernization has become the number 1 properties of the society, to be modern you must own a carriage which of course was a right for the high class only then after the invention of cars it became modern to have a car .. Wonder when will it become modern to have an airplane!!!!!!
As time changes the intellectual levels also changes as other material thing and not only that i mean the kind of information but also as the level and the style of such writings. Comparing Nietzsche’s books with Dr.Fill or any other self help books, in an abstract form they offer the same knowledge both speak of guides and both search for the super human, Looking here at thus spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche. I know it might seem wearied and sleazy to compare a great philosopher with a psychologist(shrink) but aint they both seek the benefit of human race and its evolution towards utopia ,aint they given speeches and have talking to people about the paths to assure those benefits .the difference here is that the famous Dr has modernized those speeches to suit the new modernized world of the new modernized minds! in a way i wonder maybe in the next hundred years Dr.fill will be regarded as a great philosopher that is not to be compared to another new modernized shrink!!!!

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