Friday, 10 December 2010

visualizing women's rights

I wonder why women rights activists, feminists lack feminity themselves!

Spending 4 days it the middle of the desert trying to learn the tactics of visualizing women’s rights with a group of feminists was an eye opener to the stereotypes in the female’s world. Besides learning the tactics and the useful tools to defends humans rights and advocacy campaigns I realized that this is a great chance to observe people’s behavior.

Feminists hate to polish their nails and they take no extra care of their skin or wax their legs. Personally I found this a bit obscene as being a female and calling for gender equality doesn’t actually mean a woman = a man! Not in the literal term at least.

Feminists would do anything not to be associated with a man. Situations raged from the lack of self indulgent in an emotional relation to the opposite kind to the lack of emotional urge to be noticed by the other part and yet substitute it with love from the same gender.

The overall experience was overwhelming an revealing to some extent. A new gender of people was revealed that I might not approve today but willingly defend tomorrow. For now I think it is still undetermined.

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