Thursday, 25 March 2010


Once upon a time, long long time ago, in a distant old city lay a weired machine. A machine that looked so peacefull sometimes beautiful and so unique, but everyone in the village knew the true story behind its existence. As harmless and as wiered it looked , its function was beyond bad and evil. Its mesteriouse looks gave the chill to whoever knew the truth. The evil machine was the torture master who made even the incents confess about crimes they have not done or even thought about doing. It came on many levels and in many shapes. one with spikes and one with a hammer while the other has claws and it is called the Claw of the Cat. they were differently done and differently shaped but one thing was in common they all were designed to cause pain!

100 years later, things are not much different. even after all those revolutions and all those human rights bills!

Torture machines still exist! They are nicer, most of them come in blue colors and padded with cut and comfortable sefenge cloth. Tey are all gathered in one nice place and most important people pay money for it! yes believe me they do! they go and subscribe every day to go to this new place they call GYM . They force their arms, legs and stomach to be tortured and to casue more and more untolerable pain, and when the muscle contracts they willingly put more and more weight to cause more and more pain!!!!!!


  1. and that's the same person that told me they like the gym the other day :P