Sunday, 3 January 2010

In the Middle of Two years

january is one of those months that i consider a transitional month because personally it represents a space between what was and what is going to be. the middle point between 2009 and 2010 ..

2009 for me was the year of traveling.. unlike other people i enjoyed each bit of it and traveled each month. created anew life style and at the end of it i achieved peace of mind.
here is this year in pictures... so many things!


  1. nice shots :). Hilarious Egyptian themed one, you guys look funny lol. Is that you on the same stage as the mayor in the last pic or not?

  2. yep i am it was for the forum that interruptions did for the youth .. it was a huge success... i guess this year has been good to me i suppose :)

  3. been one hell of a year! looking back at it with pictures the way you did! it appears awesome! i'm glad we didn't take pictures of the sucky parts! better forgotten! o i liked how you picked a picture with you looking gorgious and me wearing a crooked pair of glasses!

    well it's only crooked cause you dropped them :P

    amazing xD

  4. hahah come one i got a new one from london :) relax :)

  5. the only times pictures don't show awesome things is when the person in the picture is gone, either dead or alive..and even if anyone had a picture like that i don't think they'd want to look at it lol, so it's expected that the pictures show an awesome year :D

  6. totally agree with you... even bad times are long gone and forgotten after a while... pictures trigers visual memories and stimulates emotions.. that is why they have a powerful effect on our lives... looking at our pics and the moments we had i belive it was a good year,,, even if it had some setbacks but we managed to overcome everything.... and open the new year with a good page :)